Category: Course and Study Material Updates (US)

Course Corner–CEBS Study Materials Update: SECURE 2.0 Act

A study materials update has been provided to acquaint U.S. CEBS students with the significant changes the SECURE 2.0 Act makes to prior law.

Course Corner: U.S. GBA 2 Revisions

The GBA 2 course is newly updated, get details on the revisions.

Meet Your U.S. CEBS Instructor: Elizabeth McBurney, CEBS

There’s something about fall that makes us all want to go back to school.  Would you like to feel prepared to take your next CEBS® exam by the end of the year?  Get motivated to learn with CEBS …

Course Corner: US CEBS Course Revisions

As the employee benefits industry evolves, the CEBS® designation’s curriculum is updated to reflect this reality. The US GBA 1 and GBA/RPA 3 courses have been fully revised to meet the changing group benefit plans landscape. These new …