Course Corner: US CEBS Course Revisions

CEBS Course Updates

As the employee benefits industry evolves, the CEBS® designation’s curriculum is updated to reflect this reality. The US GBA 1 and GBA/RPA 3 courses have been fully revised to meet the changing group benefit plans landscape. These new CEBS courses will help you gain valuable skills you can put into practice on the job today and provide the emergent, cutting-edge knowledge to prepare you for future roles.

Study Materials for GBA 1 and GBA/RPA 3, including new Study Guides and textbooks, are available for purchase. Online Study Groups With Instructor Support for the new courses will be offered for the first time during the summer 2022 session.

Below are outlines of the new U.S. courses:

GBA 1—Directing Benefits Programs Part 1

Module 1: Employee Benefits: The Environment
Benefits in Action #1: Atlas Industries Case Study

Module 2: Managing Employee Benefits Risks

Module 3: Group Health Plan Structures
Benefits in Action #2: Explaining Benefit Differences

Module 4: Consumer-Directed Health Plans

Module 5: Dental, Vision and Hearing Care Benefits

Module 6: Prescription Drug Plans

Module 7: Behavioral Health Care Benefits

Module 8: Workplace Wellness Programs
Benefits in Action #3: Developing a Wellness Program

Module 9: Section 125 Plans—Part I
Benefits in Action #4: Flex Plans

Module 10: Health Care Regulation

Module 11: Integrated Case Study: Diagnosing and Remedying Prescription Drug Cost Increases Can Be Complicated

GBA/RPA 3—Strategic Benefits Management

Module 1: ERISA Regulatory Framework

Module 2: Benefits Industry

Module 3: Plan Documentation Requirements

Module 4: Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns

Module 5: Overseeing and Managing Plan Audits
Benefits in Action #1: Auditing the Auditor

Module 6: Issues in Vendor Management—Retirement

Module 7: Analytics and Vendor Management—Health

Module 8: Impact of Financial Product Innovation on Retirement Plans
Benefits in Action #2: Adding Innovative Investment Products to the DC Plan Menu

Module 9: ERISA in Practice—Key Issues

Benefits in Action #3: Drafting a Severance Agreement? Remember ERISA!

Module 10: Social Insurance

Module 11: Health Care Coverage in Retirement
Benefits in Action #4: Explaining Retiree Health Coverage

Module 12: Global Employee Benefits

Module 13: Integrated Case Study: Preparing for and Surviving an Employee Benefits Plan Data Breach


If you have any questions about Study Materials or the new GBA 1 or GBA/RPA 3 courses, please reach out to our CEBS Customer Service team at