Course Corner–CEBS Study Materials Update: SECURE 2.0 Act

As the employee benefits industry evolves, the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (CEBS®) curriculum is updated to reflect this reality.

Enacted in December 2022, the SECURE 2.0 Act has authorized sweeping changes to United States tax law for retirement plans and individual retirement savings. This retirement reform legislation contains over 90 separate provisions; some stipulations are mandatory for plan sponsors and others are optional.

The April 2023 Study Materials Update has been provided to acquaint U.S. CEBS students with the significant changes the SECURE 2.0 Act makes to prior law as well as to update the course material for RPA 1, RPA 2 and the Strategic Benefits Management course (GBA/RPA 3).

This Study Materials Update is required reading for purposes of the CEBS program and the national exams for the RPA 1, RPA 2 and GBA/RPA 3 courses administered on or after July 15, 2023.


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