24 Reasons to Earn Your CEBS in 2024

Motivation is like a spark. Something with the potential to transform your life suddenly galvanizes you to grow as a person. Making a plan for action is the fuel to grow your motivation from that first spark to a glowing flame. As a new year approaches, now is the moment to contemplate what inspires you and set a course for your professional development. Resolve to ignite your potential! The Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® designation distinguishes you as the ideal candidate—both a thinker with solid theoretical knowledge and a doer who knows how to apply it strategically. Now is the time to forge ahead in your career. Your future self will thank you for making this decision!

We recently surveyed holders of the CEBS® designation. Below are the reflections of these benefits industry professionals on how earning the CEBS designation has benefitted them.

“The most unexpected benefit from earning my CEBS designation is the benefit professionals I have met. Not only did I gain a huge and willing network of experts to answer any question I may have, particularly those out of my field of expertise, but I have also made numerous lifelong friends.”

Tim Valencia, CEBS
Deputy Director, Washington Law Enforcement Officers’ & Fire Fighters’ Plan 2 Retirement Board

“Earning the CEBS designation expanded my knowledge, which enabled me to understand and perform my job more efficiently.”

Jessica Hoyt, CEBS
Associate Administrator, New York State Teamsters Benefit Funds

“I have the personal satisfaction of being viewed as a knowledgeable leader within my company and by my peers and clients.”

Preet Pall, CEBS
Associate, Montridge Advisory Group Ltd.

“The CEBS designation has literally given me a foundation that I’ve built my career upon.”

Gerald Wernette, CEBS
Principal, Rehmann

“Holding the CEBS designation has helped establish my creditability as an employee benefits consultant.”

Christopher White, CEBS
Vice President, BB&T – Atlantic Risk Management

“The CEBS designation has made me a top candidate for employment opportunities.”

Valerie Mammie, CEBS
Manager, Benefits, Silver Cross Hospital

“I work in a niche industry. The CEBS designation has broadened my overall knowledge of the benefits field.”

Brian Haas, CEBS
Director of Special Risk, Wellfleet Insurance

“I’ve gained a professional education and recognition with the CEBS designation.”

Lenard Slobogian, CEBS
Senior Employee Benefits Analyst, Key West Insurance Agency Ltd.

“Earning the CEBS designation has been a huge professional accomplishment for me. Not only has it helped me excel in my field, but I’ve gained the respect and admiration of my colleagues and others in my industry.”

Laura Lucyk, CEBS
Client Relationship Manager / Communication & Education Manager, Canada Life

“I experienced personal and professional growth.  The CEBS designation definitely assisted me in getting my current role.”

Robin Cox, CEBS
Senior Director, Global Benefits, Immigration & Health & Safety, BlackBerry

“The CEBS designation has provided me credibility and trust when I have to make organization-wide policy decisions.”

Gavin Cohen, CEBS
Secretary-Treasurer, M-NCPPC

“I’ve gained practical knowledge that can be applied to my day-to-day work.”

Mary Ann Czarcinski, CEBS
Director Employee Benefits Americas Health & Welfare, Bristol Myers Squibb

“The CEBS designation has given me a comprehensive understanding of the employee benefits field.”
Sherri Donnelly, CEBS
Director of Human Resources, Albany Law School

“Holding the CEBS designation has earned me a level of credibility with our clients that I would not otherwise have.”

Sarah Corrigan, CEBS
Account Manager, Diverse Benefits and Financial Planning Inc.

“The CEBS designation provided me with credibility early in my career within my organization and in my industry.”

Brent Delveaux, CEBS
Benefits Consultant, HUB International Insurance Brokers

“The CEBS designation enabled me to advance in my career. I have extensive industry knowledge.”

Georgette Perez, CEBS
Client Services Manager, Clements Worldwide

“I have the technical and professional knowledge to advance in my career.”

Terri Applegate, CEBS
Senior HR Operations Manager, Baxters North America

“I’m respected by my peers and vendors.”

Ning Fisher, CEBS
Director of Total Rewards and HR Technology, Legacy Health

“The CEBS designation has given me the knowledge, confidence, and resources to be a subject-matter expert in the benefits space.”

Barb Berg, CEBS
Benefits Manager, NFI Group

“Earning the CEBS designation was the best professional development decision I made. It helped me stand out from my peers and opened many doors.”

Jeff Redford, CEBS
Manager Service Delivery Management, ADP

“The CEBS designation is a credential my clients respect.”

David Young, CEBS
Owner, David K Young Consulting

“The CEBS designation provides credibility and is a differentiator among others in the employee benefits industry.”

Jason Gutzman, CEBS
Vice President Employee Benefits, Johnson Financial Group

“The CEBS designation has given me a strong base of relevant knowledge useful for problem solving.”

Darrin Coon, CEBS
HR Manager, Bitner Henry Insurance

“Not only did the CEBS program educate me on all aspects of employee benefits, but it gave me a well-rounded perspective on compliance and legislation governing employee benefit plans. In addition, the knowledge I acquired and the continuing ongoing education that the Foundation offers put me in a desired position to take over as the director of benefits when my predecessor retired.”

Patricia Florkowski, CEBS
Director of Benefits, Lehigh University

Your bright future begins today! Make 2024 a year to remember and be proud of! Click here to learn more about taking charge of your career trajectory with the industry’s most respected credential—the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation.