What’s Your CEBS Story? Donna Clancy, CEBS

What's Your CEBS Story

Earning your Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (CEBS®) designation is a learning journey. Along the way, you acquire valuable employee benefits knowledge and relevant new skills. As you apply what you’ve learned to your work, you can forge a unique career pathway that is truly your own. Here’s a designee’s CEBS story.

A Chat With Donna Clancy, CEBS

Donna Clancy, CEBS

Manager, Benefits Strategy

Eversource Energy

South Dartmouth, MA

Could you describe how expanding your professional network has helped you attain success?

“I believe networking with other benefits professionals was a strong motivator for obtaining my CEBS designation. Many of the people I respect in the employee benefits field have their CEBS certification. The benefits world is ever-changing, and it is important to stay informed, so I think the continuing education requirement for CEBS Compliance is an integral part of the CEBS designation.”

Could you share a story about how you prepared for your CEBS exam and applied what you learned to your work?

“I was working full-time and had two small children when I started my first CEBS course, so I learned to be efficient with how I studied for the exams. My approach was to stick to a time schedule (complete one module of a course per week) and write detailed summary notecards each week on the assigned reading. I gave myself two weeks to re-read all the modules and go over my notecards, and then I took the exam. This approach worked for my learning style.”

Could you share some insight about how pursuing your CEBS designation demonstrates that you’re a lifelong learner and an expert in your profession?

“I took several human resources classes in business school, but most of my benefits experience had been learned over time and on the job. It was important for me to know that there were no significant ‘missing pieces’ to my employee benefits knowledge. I researched certification programs before I started my first CEBS course and the reputation of the CEBS designation drew me to the program. Having the CEBS certification provides me with increased professional confidence.”

Could you describe how earning your CEBS designation has supported you in your role and professional growth?

“I was an individual contributor when I started my first CEBS course. I had the opportunity to apply for a position within my organization that was a big professional step in my career. I had only one course left to earn my CEBS designation at that time. I believe the confidence I had in my benefits knowledge was a factor in my decision to apply and I would like to think it’s part of the reason that I received the promotion.”

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