Canadian CEBS Study Materials Updates

CEBS compliance reporting

As the employee benefits industry evolves, the CEBS® designation’s curriculum is updated to reflect this reality.

Study Materials Updates have been issued for the following Canadian CEBS courses:

GBA 1—Managing Benefit Plans Part 1

GBA/RPA 3—Navigating the Plan Environment

RPA 1—Managing Retirement Plans Part 1

RPA 2—Managing Retirement Plans Part 2

Study Materials Updates are required reading for purposes of the CEBS® program and the national exams for the GBA 1, GBA/RPA 3, RPA 1 and RPA 2 courses administered on or after October 15, 2023.

Please view your Online Study Guide or the Readings Update for Canadian Courses page to access Study Materials Updates.


If you have any questions about Study Materials, please reach out to our CEBS Customer Service team at