Three Tips for Successful CEBS Studies

Understanding how the brain functions can make you a better learner. Here are some insights from the neuroscience field for making the most of your study time for your CEBS® exam.

  1. Know your limits. The maximum attention span for most adult learners is around 20 minutes.  Set a timer and give your study materials your undivided attention. When you’re done, be sure to take a short break. Studying for too long leads to interference, which occurs when your brain’s working memory gets overloaded with new information and doesn’t have time to process and make sense of the content.
  2. Sleep on it. Regularly getting a good night’s sleep helps your brain convert working memory into long-term memory, which is critical to learning.
  3. Practice makes permanent. For new content you’re trying to learn, review at least three times with time to sleep in between. Multiple learning sessions and retrievals focusing on the same content strengthens neural pathways, which will help you remember more.

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