Course Corner: Canadian CEBS Course Revisions

CEBS Course Updates

As the employee benefits industry evolves, the CEBS® designation’s curriculum is updated to reflect this reality. The Canadian RPA 1 course has been fully revised to meet the changing retirement plans landscape. This new CEBS course will help you gain valuable skills that you can put into practice on the job today as well as provide the emergent, cutting-edge knowledge that will prepare you for future roles.

Study Materials for RPA 1, including a new Study Guide and textbook are available for purchase.

Below is an outline of the new Canadian course:

RPA 1—Managing Retirement Plans Part 1

  • Module 1: Designing Registered Pension Plans
  • Module 2: Designing Non-Pension Registered Retirement Plans
    • Benefits in Action #1: Should we implement a registered pension plan?
  • Module 3: Leveraging the Tax Regime in Plan Design
  • Module 4: Complying with Pension Standards Legislation
  • Module 5: Establishing Effective Governance
    • Benefits in Action #2: What should you know about governance before introducing a workplace pension plan?
  • Module 6: Administering Retirement Arrangements
  • Module 7: Optimizing Plan Funding and Financial Reporting
    • Benefits in Action #3: What do financial statements reveal about pension costs and obligations?
  • Module 8: Managing Retirement Plan Assets
  • Module 9: Addressing Special Provisions: Multi-Employer Pension Plans
  • Module 10: Managing Special Situations—Plan Terminations, Surplus in Ongoing Plans and Business Reorganizations
  • Module 11: Other Employer-Sponsored Plans
    • Benefits in Action #4: What type of executive pension arrangement do we need to attract and retain senior-level talent?
  • Module 12: Capstone Case:  Managing Retirement Plans in Accordance with Organizational Goals


If you have any questions about Study Materials or the new Canadian RPA 1 course, please reach out to our CEBS Customer Service team at