Congratulations to the Newest CEBS® Graduates!

New CEBS Graduates

Do you recognize anyone? Below are the most recent CEBS graduates. Be sure to celebrate your peers with a personal note or shout-out on social media, tagging #CEBSgoals. Earning the CEBS is a major career and personal achievement, and having peers recognize the work and demonstrated knowledge only sweetens the accomplishment.  

Congrats to the newest CEBS grads!

Adriana Bey, CEBS
Allie Negrin, CEBS
Amjad Khan, CEBS
Ashley Fisher, CEBS
Carrie Walk, CEBS
Catherine Imperial, CEBS
Catherine Rambaran, CEBS
Cheryl Quon, CEBS
Colleen Woodward, CEBS
Daria Smolak, CEBS
Diana V. Almeida, CEBS
Harold Yoon, CEBS
Jamie Fraser, CEBS
Janet Burroughs, CEBS
Jeanne Carey, CEBS
Jessica MacDonell, CEBS
Johannes Paolo Supan, CEBS
Jon McGregor, CEBS
Judy Cunningham, CEBS

Julie Carreira, CEBS
Julie Grenier, CEBS
Jun Hong, CEBS
Kaitlyn Campbell, CEBS
Kevin Foley Trudeau, CEBS
Kevin J. Francotte, CEBS
Kristen Zacharias, CEBS
Kristina MacPherson, CEBS
Lambert Patrick P. Maranan, CEBS
Lenny-Louise Syms, CEBS
Lisa Spinney, CEBS
Lorraine Yurko, CEBS
Luther D. Sy, CEBS
Maria Monteiro, CEBS
Martha Callum, CEBS
Maryam Wajahat Faizan, CEBS
Matthew Crites, CEBS
Matthew Hageman, CEBS
Meabh Campbell, CEBS
Michael Tompkins, CEBS
Michael Yacoub, CEBS
Michelle M. Wasilinchuk, CEBS
Monika Foltanova, CEBS
Nathan Kolar, CEBS
Patricia Praymayer, CEBS
Priyanka Sharma, CEBS
Reed Curry, CEBS
Samantha Probetts, CEBS
Sarah Arsenault, CEBS

Shannon Holek, CEBS
Sharon Krishka, CEBS
Shileen Pederson, CEBS
Simon Christopher Ng, CEBS
Sizani Maphosa, CEBS
Vipra Nayyar , CEBS
Vivian Luong, CEBS
Vivien Wu, CEBS

Now picture yourself on this list! Continue on your journey to earning your CEBS designation.

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