Congratulations to the Newest CEBS® Graduates!

New CEBS Graduates

Do you recognize anyone? Below are the most recent CEBS graduates. Be sure to celebrate your peers with a personal note or shout-out on social media, tagging #CEBSgoals. Earning the CEBS is a major career and personal achievement, and having peers recognize the work and demonstrated knowledge only sweetens the accomplishment.  

Congrats to the newest CEBS grads!

Aleksandr A. Razloga, CEBS
Alexander Rohlfs, CEBS
Alexandra L. Then, CEBS
Amanda Dodell, CEBS
Amy Meadows, CEBS
Ana K. Torrescano, CEBS
Andres M. Alarcon, CEBS
Andrew Germann, CEBS
Andrew Logan MacQueen, CEBS
Andrew Pujol, CEBS
Angela Tang, CEBS
Baylee Landowski, CEBS
Brenn M. Ritchie, CEBS
Brittany Dickens, CEBS
Cara Holland, CEBS
Catherine Sheedy, CEBS
Charles Azu, Jr., CEBS
Cheryl B. Thomas, CEBS
Chip Weule, CEBS
Cody Kramschuster, CEBS
Daniel Kuosman, CEBS
Daniel Yager, CEBS
Diane R. Chopp, CEBS
Drew Danieley, CEBS
Emily E. Cronin, CEBS
Emily Livingston, CEBS
Emily Welch, CEBS
Erin Wolthusen, CEBS
Gina Pettigrano, CEBS
Grant Goff, CEBS
Haley A. Smith, CEBS
Jasmin Pierre-Paul, CEBS
Jason T. Stacy, CEBS
Jay (Shaya) Rose, CEBS
Jayson Curtis, CEBS
Jennifer Castellano, CEBS
Jennifer White, CEBS
Jessica L. Morrison, CEBS
Jessica Ropelato, CEBS
John Gobel, CEBS
Joseph Andreas, CEBS
Joseph Berumen, CEBS
Julie Fender, CEBS
Kellee Garcia, CEBS
Kenneth Miller, CEBS
Kimberly M. Johnson, CEBS
Kitty Stone, CEBS
Kristen Mills, CEBS
Kristina Quirante, CEBS
Laura Stucky, CEBS
Laurie Orazine Cooper, CEBS
Leah Marie Barraza, CEBS
Lisa Miller, CEBS
Lori A. Kischinevzky, CEBS
Lynn A. Waltermire, CEBS
Mark T. Myers, CEBS

Matthew Leff, CEBS
Matthew W. Richard, CEBS
Megan Jay, CEBS
Melissa D. Rayborn, CEBS
Melissa Fuesting, CEBS
Michael S. Lee, CEBS
Mikel Van Cleve, CEBS
Nan Morehouse, CEBS
Nancy Mathiesen, CEBS
Nari Shin, CEBS
Nicole Cecil, CEBS
Olivia Walty, CEBS
Patti Toller, CEBS
Rachal Stone, CEBS
Rebecca Kangas, CEBS
Regina Wasik, CEBS

Richard E. Childs, CEBS
Richard Walton, CEBS
Ryan O’Deen, CEBS
Ryan Pratt, CEBS
Samantha Brown, CEBS
Sarah E. Penheiter, CEBS
Sarah Giselman, CEBS
Shaun Hurm, CEBS
Spencer Kelly, CEBS
Stacey J. Barker, CEBS
Stephani Terhorst, CEBS
Stephanie Smitka, CEBS
Stephanie Spanja, CEBS
Sully Dawson, CEBS
Susan E. Flynn, CEBS
Suzanne L. Bondor, CEBS
Tammy Pitts, CEBS
Tammy Richardson, CEBS
Tara Molina, CEBS
Taylor Cherry, CEBS
Tom Byrne, CEBS
Walter Waldin, CEBS

Now picture yourself on this list! Continue on your journey to earning your CEBS designation.

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