Canadian CEBS Student Survey Results: Time Spent Studying for Your CEBS Course

Studying consistently and diligently is essential for success in the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (CEBS®) program. It’s important to regularly dedicate time to completing the assigned reading from the Study Guide and textbook for your course. Frequently reviewing the content you’ve already read allows your mind to fully absorb new knowledge and connect the key takeaways from the course to action items you would like to achieve at work.

Many people wonder how many hours per week they should dedicate to studying for a CEBS course. We recently surveyed Online Study Group With Instructor Support students to see what their time commitment is for studying for the CEBS designation. Below is a summary of their study habits.

Study time varies from person to person and depends on reading speed, study habits, prior knowledge of content and work experience. Consider enrolling in a CEBS Online Study Group With Instructor Support for access to helpful resources and a structured timeline to help you advance in your learning journey. With every page you read, you’ll gain confidence as you become a more knowledgeable benefits professional!


Visit CEBS online for information about purchasing course materials, signing up for an Online Study Group, virtual exams and more details on the program. Do you need further guidance on your CEBS journey? Whether you’re about to take your first step or getting close to earning your designation, we’re here to help!  Reach out to our CEBS Customer Service team at