Create Good Habits for CEBS Success

Three Tips to Study Smarter

Lists aren’t just for tasks you need to do.  They’re a great tool for taking inventory of your learning, too.  Here are some lists you can make for each module of your Study Guide to help yourself get ready for your CEBS® exam.

1. List three or four Key Terms from the module that are completely new to you or a bit challenging for you to grasp.  This will help you identify what you need to review the most.

2. List three or four important numbers from the module such as dates when legislative changes were enacted, law or code numbers, or threshold limits for contributions.

3. Write two or three questions you have about the module’s content.  Review the module and see if you can answer your questions.  If you need some clarification, ask a colleague or post your questions in the discussion forum of your CEBS Online Study Group to see what your instructor and classmates think.

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