Meet Your U.S. CEBS Instructor: Christine Healy, CEBS

Meet the CEBS Instructor

You’re taking a CEBS® course and using the self-study approach. You’re making great progress until one day, you encounter a roadblock—You have a question about the course that no web browser search or person you know has the answer to. What now? With CEBS Online Study Groups With Instructor Support, you can count on your instructor and classmates to fill in the gaps in your knowledge by providing answers to your biggest employee benefits questions.

CEBS​​ Online Study Groups are an optional educational resource designed to augment the self-study approach.  Offered over a 12-week session (U.S. summer session runs May 15-August 4, 2023), Online Study Groups set a schedule for your study efforts and are facilitated by established and experienced CEBS professionals.

What does an online instructor do?

Your online instructor has many roles, including:

  • Designing all content and activities in your Online Study Group to help you retain knowledge and study for your CEBS exam
  • Facilitating live review sessions
  • Monitoring the discussion forum to provide clarification and guidance to learners
  • Creating discussion questions for each module and Benefits in Action Mini Case to stimulate engagement and enhance learning about employee benefits
  • Sharing their real-world experience about being a benefits professional
  • Answering questions that students submit via the discussion forum, email and private message

A Chat With Christine Healy, CEBS

Christine Healy, Ph.D., CEBS, PHR, SHRM-CP
Assistant Professor, Management
Dixie State University
Instructor: GBA 1—Directing Benefits Programs Part 1

How has earning the CEBS designation enhanced your career?

The CEBS designation has set me apart as a business-minded human resources practitioner. The content of the program provides a depth of knowledge in the compensation and benefits realm that simply is very difficult to get on the job. Understanding the legal, financial and regulatory aspects of total rewards is beneficial to the design of solid programs that balance risks and finances for both the organization and the employee. This is so important for the attraction, retention and productivity of the employee while enhancing overall corporate sustainability.

What will benefits professionals learn from taking GBA 1?

GBA 1 is a foundational course about the world of benefits. Students will learn about the history of benefits, risk management through proper design of a benefits package and the basics of employee benefits and regulatory compliance.

Are there any interesting current events or regulatory updates related to concepts the GBA 1 course explores?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about some changes to benefits. It brought about heighted awareness of the need for benefits such as FMLA and parental leave policies. Also on the horizon are benefits/allowances for nursing mothers, interest in reproductive healthcare and work-life balance scheduling to include remote working. Mental health has become an increasing concern over the past few years, so there is more emphasis on EAPs and mental health benefits expansion to help with this.

What are your best study tips for CEBS students?

First, take the program seriously, keeping in mind that a benefits professional handles a huge sum of money for a company and influences the health and well-being of the employee group. Set up a schedule of when you will do reading for your course on a weekly basis (making sure to read all assigned reading). If you’re taking a CEBS Online Study Group With Instructor Support, plan out when you will engage in the discussion forum and take the interactive games/quizzes. From there, do some research on the side. If you don’t understand a concept, post a question in the discussion forum. An Online Study Group is a great platform that allows everyone to share their knowledge and experience. I’m also an advocate of doing research on governmental sources. The information seems to “stick” more when we dig a little for it

Why would you encourage benefits professionals to earn the CEBS designation?

The CEBS designation sets you up to have a different depth of knowledge in comparison to what a typical benefits or human resources professional has. The content will enable you to go from the level of a practitioner to that of a strategist. The latter is what organizations are looking for. They can find a multitude of people to just run the processes. It’s difficult to find someone who can strategically drive programs that enhance the overall strength of the organization.

The 12-week, summer session of the U.S. Online Study Groups With Instructor Support is May 15-August 4. Jump in anytime and get access to materials from previous weeks.

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