Course Corner: Canadian GBA 2 Revisions

As the employee benefits industry evolves, the CEBS® designation’s curriculum is updated to reflect this reality. The Canadian GBA 2 course has been fully revised to meet the changing group benefits plan landscape. GBA 2 offers a multistakeholder perspective of plan management that positions the employer/plan sponsor as the primary stakeholder and then expands upon the important and significant roles of practitioners, insurers, third-party administrators and other benefits professionals in helping plan sponsors achieve their plan objectives. This new CEBS course will help you gain valuable skills that you can put into practice on the job today and also provides the emergent, cutting-edge knowledge that will prepare you for future roles.

Study materials for GBA 2, including a new Study Guide and textbook, are available for purchase.  You’ll be able to write exams for the new course beginning in the second Testing Window of 2023. Online Study Groups With Instructor Support for the new courses will be offered for the first time during the summer 2023 session.

Below is an outline of the new Canadian course:

GBA 2—Managing Benefit Plans Part 2

Module 1: Managing Death Benefits

Module 2: Managing Death Benefits Continued
Benefits in Action #1: “How do I get this group benefits death claim paid quickly?”

Module 3: Managing Short-Term Income Replacement Benefits

Module 4: Managing Long-Term Disability Benefits

Module 5: Effective Disability Plan Management

Module 6: Leveraging the Tax Regime in Health and Dental Plan Management

Module 7: Managing Extended Health Care Benefits
Benefits in Action #2: “How do I best respond to these extended health care claims inquiries?”

Module 8: Managing Dental Benefits
Benefits in Action #3: “How do I demonstrate that the ‘right’ dental plan will give this employer an edge in the talent war?”

Module 9: Managing Employee/Member Assistance and Wellness Programs
Benefits in Action #4: “How will I implement an effective wellness and employee assistance program?”

Module 10: Managing Flexible Benefit Plans

Module 11: Capstone Case:  Streamlining the Absence and Disability Management Process—Achieving Better Outcomes

If you have any questions about CEBS study materials or the new Canadian GBA 2 course, please reach out to our CEBS Customer Service team at