Meet Your Canadian CEBS Instructor: Patricia Noble, CEBS

Meet the CEBS Instructor

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CEBS​​ Online Study Groups are an optional educational resource designed to complement the self-study approach. Offered over a 12-week session, Online Study Groups provide structure to your study efforts and are facilitated by established and experienced CEBS professionals.

What does an online instructor do? Your online instructor has many roles, including:

  • Designing all content and activities in your class to help you retain knowledge and study for your CEBS exam
  • Facilitating live review sessions
  • Monitoring the discussion forum to provide clarification and guidance to learners
  • Creating discussion questions for each module and Benefits in Action Mini Case to stimulate engagement and enhance learning about employee benefits
  • Sharing their real-world experience as a benefits professional
  • Answering questions that students submit via the discussion forum, email and private messages.

A Chat With Patricia Noble, CEBS

Patricia Noble, CEBS
Director of Policy, Research and Labour Market Analysis
Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, New Brunswick
Instructor: GBA/RPA 3—Navigating the Plan Environment

What will benefits professionals learn from GBA/RPA 3?

This course covers a wide range of issues relevant for benefits professionals. Understanding the fundamentals of our country’s social security framework and health care system is critical for both retirement and group benefits professionals. Also, understanding how reward systems can impact the success of an organization and how they fit into the ‘big picture’ facing an organization positions a benefits professional to provide value-added advice and recommendations. Choice theory and behavioural economics discussions help benefits professionals appreciate how they can influence decisions of clients, employees and beneficiaries. That is only the tip of the iceberg!

Are there any interesting current events, regulatory updates or industry trends related to concepts or issues your course explores?

Certainly, the changes to the Canada Pension Plan are current and important. These modifications impact not only employers from a budget perspective but also employees from a retirement planning perspective. In some industries, retirement programs are linked or influenced by CPP, and fully understanding the changes being implemented over time is critical. Additionally, with COVID-19 and the changes to the Employment Insurance program, although initially temporary, there is much to discuss regarding impacts on benefit plans.

What are your best study tips for CEBS students?

Read through the Study Materials more than once. The first time through, highlight or jot down questions or elements you might find difficult. The second time, take your own notes. Review the Instructor Notes in your Online Study Group, which provide an overview of the topics as well as cover key concepts. Do the interactive games and quizzes in your Online Study Group, including both the Midterm and Final quizzes prepared by the instructor as well as the 100-question interactive Practice Exam included with the course Study Materials. Take the Practice Exam more than once! Make time to attend review sessions or watch recordings of them. Finally, participate on the discussion forum. If you have a question, no doubt your fellow students have similar thoughts. Everyone brings a different experience, has a different frame of reference and provides different perspectives. These are all key components to a robust discussion and enhanced learning.

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