Congratulations to the Newest CEBS® Graduates!

New CEBS Graduates

Do you recognize anyone? Below are the most recent CEBS graduates. Be sure to celebrate your peers with a personal note or shout-out on social media, tagging #CEBSgoals. Earning the CEBS is a major career and personal achievement, and having peers recognize the work and demonstrated knowledge only sweetens the accomplishment.

Congrats to the newest CEBS grads!

Alison Clearwater, CEBS
Anthony Armas, CEBS
Anthony D. Cellucci Jr., CEBS
Benjamin J. Letson, CEBS
Cara N. Seidlich, CEBS
Carla Campbell, CEBS
Carla R. Ross, CEBS
Carol A. Lewis, CEBS
Caroline Weis, CEBS
Carrie L. Starbuck, CEBS
Chanel Watkins, CEBS
Christina Reece, CEBS
Colin C. Orr, CEBS
Courtney Santeliz, CEBS
Daniel J. Conway, CEBS
Daniela Janceski, CEBS
Frances Jasmin, CEBS
Heather McQuillen, CEBS
Hilary F. Vatter, CEBS
Jennefir Pentangelo, CEBS
Jodi Stephens, CEBS
John R. Curran, CEBS
Katie Advent, CEBS
Kelly DiNardo, CEBS
Kristyn Lewis, CEBS
Leslie Brown, CEBS
Linda Piatek, CEBS
Lori Champion Brittain, CEBS
Margaret (Peggy) McHugh, CEBS
Maria Kim, CEBS
Matthew Butera, CEBS
Michael Fogleman, CEBS
Phil Borgman, CEBS
Scott A. Davis, CEBS
Shellie Peters, CEBS
Suzanne Bahary, CEBS
Tania Barfield, CEBS
Tanya T. Peterson, CEBS
Tara Donnelly, CEBS

Now picture yourself on this list! Continue on your journey to earning your CEBS designation.

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