Congratulations to the Newest CEBS® Graduates!

New CEBS Graduates

Do you recognize anyone?  Below are the most recent CEBS graduates. Be sure to celebrate your peers with a personal note or shout-out on social media, tagging #CEBSgoals. Earning the CEBS is a major career and personal achievement, and having peers recognize the work and demonstrated knowledge only sweetens the accomplishment.  

Congrats to the newest CEBS grads!

Aaron Iverson, CEBS
Aimee Davis, CEBS
Akilah Love, CEBS
Alana Ford, CEBS
Alex Vachon, CEBS

Alexandra O’Neill, CEBS
Allison Norris, CEBS
Alyssa Yingling, CEBS
Ami Cindric, CEBS
Andrew Palomino, CEBS
Anirudha Joshi, CEBS
Avi Goldstein, CEBS
Bonnie Osborn, CEBS
Brock Sigler, CEBS
Brooke Saunders, CEBS
Carolyn A. Jacobazzi, CEBS
Carrie Quirarte, CEBS
Casey Kraus, CEBS
Catherine Gooding, CEBS
Cheryl A. Powell, CEBS
Christine Hotwagner, CEBS
Claudia Lung, CEBS
Connor Johnson, CEBS

Darrecia D. Blount, CEBS
Edward Reagan, CEBS
Gisela McKenzie, CEBS
James Burgess, CEBS
Jane Linden, CEBS
Jennifer A. Chalupa, CEBS
Jennifer Spock, CEBS
Jennifer Stegemann, CEBS
Julie M. Raff, CEBS
Kari Michelle DiMauro, CEBS
Kelsey A. Woods, CEBS
Kelsey R. Johnson, CEBS
Kevin F. McGrath, CEBS
Kimberlee Carlson, CEBS
Louis N. Reaves, CEBS
Luke M. Bartak, CEBS
Mackenzie Olson, CEBS
Madison Evans, CEBS
Megan Nail, CEBS
Megan Williams, CEBS
Michael Ribaudo, CEBS
Monique Boatfield, CEBS

Nancy Solheim, CEBS
Nicole Mills, CEBS
Patti Krober, CEBS
Patty Gordon, CEBS
Rebekah L. Ross, CEBS
Rhonda M. Jackson, CEBS
Sarah C. Simpson, CEBS
Shannon Moloney, CEBS
Sung “Matthew” Kim, CEBS
Susanne Kimberland, CEBS
Suzanne Meredith, CEBS
Teresa Domek, CEBS
Theresa S. Serafimovski, CEBS
Tiffany Reese, CEBS
Troy Sage Thomas, CEBS
Yanique Sewell, CEBS

Now picture yourself on this list! Continue on your journey to earning your CEBS designation.

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