Congratulations to the Newest CEBS® Graduates!

New CEBS Graduates

View the list of new CEBS graduates and see if you recognize any of your colleagues. Be sure to congratulate the graduates you know with a personal message or shout-out on social media using #CEBSGoals. Earning your Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designation is a great accomplishment, and it feels even better when it’s recognized by others.

Congrats to the newest CEBS grads!

Mijaane Arunthavanathan, CEBS
Hannah Askin, CEBS
Nicole Brennan, CEBS
Faye Cao, CEBS
Kristyn Cieszynski, CEBS
Janice Clarke-Sinclair, CEBS
Heather Crosgrey, CEBS
Eleonora Di Giovanni-Porco, CEBS
Kyla Frailick, CEBS
Andrew Haber, CEBS
Brett Horan, CEBS
Anne Johnson, CEBS
Jennifer Jolicoeur, CEBS
Sleiman Karam, CEBS
Huma Khan, CEBS
Keech Libunao, CEBS
Simona Lica, CEBS
Laura Lucyk, CEBS
Erin McKendry, CEBS
Peri Owst, CEBS
Suhujitha Parasuraman, CEBS
Dana Parkinson, CEBS
Harrison Patton, CEBS
Nicole Pinto, CEBS
Kuburat Afolashade Popoola, CEBS
Charlene Ann Prosser, CEBS
Kevin Reid, CEBS
Yuan Ren, CEBS
Jessica Rybka, CEBS
Andrea Shandro, CEBS
Rajdeep Kaur Sidhu, CEBS
Sandra Sitter, CEBS
Geffrard St Germain, CEBS
Marisa Tobin, CEBS
Brian Wemp, CEBS
April Zerebeski, CEBS
Jiahong Zhang, CEBS

Now picture yourself on this list! Continue on your journey to earning your CEBS designation.

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