Congratulations to The Newest CEBS® Graduates!

New CEBS Graduates

View the full list of new CEBS graduates and see if you recognize any of your colleagues. Be sure to congratulate the graduates you know with a personal message or shout-out on social media using #CEBSGoals. Earning your CEBS designation is a great accomplishment, and it feels even better when it’s recognized by others.

Congrats to the newest CEBS grads!

Cynthia Banks-Jones, CEBS
Anna Beasley, CEBS
Andrea Bennett, CEBS
Sarah Bisson, CEBS
Pete Bixler, CEBS
Rachell Bowers, CEBS
Andrea Bredael, CEBS
Judith M. Brown, CEBS
Dylan Burenheide, CEBS
Nisa Cable, CEBS
Angela Chisholm, CEBS
Alicia Clark, CEBS
Robert A. Clark, CEBS
Cindy K. Corcoran, CEBS
Kelly Noel Davis, CEBS
Benjamin Ekhaus, CEBS
Michael A. Ell, CEBS
Gretchen Feldmann, CEBS
Courtney L. Fritts, CEBS
Cindy Gautreaux, CEBS
Alca Gideon, CEBS
Mary Glatch, CEBS
Kevin Handzlik, CEBS
Heidi Hanna, CEBS
Mariah Hinson, CEBS
Tyler Joseph Jones, CEBS
Elizabeth A. Kidder, CEBS
Sarah Koenig, CEBS
Sara Kosar, CEBS
Ricia Lansing, CEBS
Erin Mannix, CEBS
Emer T. McCaul, CEBS
Amanda McCorkle, CEBS
Jennifer McKeever, CEBS
Jessica Mellieon, CEBS
Margaret Meyer, CEBS
Katherine Miller, CEBS
Bridgett Mary Mills, CEBS
Sandra Monahan, CEBS
Kimberly Porter, CEBS
John Puccio, CEBS
Parker Scott, CEBS
Patricia J. Seno, CEBS
Shannon Shearin, CEBS
Agnes Sowa, CEBS
Bryan Spivey, CEBS
Daniel Lee Taylor, CEBS
Ashley Trester, CEBS
David VanAuker, CEBS
Liza D. Wilhite, CEBS
Mary L. Wilkosz, CEBS
Tammy Woodman, CEBS
Tara Yohe, CEBS

Now picture yourself on this list! Continue on your journey to earning your CEBS designation.

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