Hello, CEBS Virtual Exams!

Hello, CEBS Virtual Exams!

CEBS exam day. This used to mean that I would select my date and exam time weeks in advance through Prometric’s website and count down the days as I continued to study and retake the practice test over and over. I had a routine for each exam—I would get up early that morning, pack up my Study Guide binder and notes, head out in my car, stop for a coffee and park outside the Prometric office. I’d study for about 30-45 minutes in my car before going inside for my appointment. After all, this routine had been successful for me in the past, so I kept it up for each exam!

Well, CEBS exam days have changed over the last year with the launch of virtual exams. If you haven’t yet taken an exam virtually, I’m here to give you the lowdown on the “new” routine, and I think you’ll like it.

Let’s take a look at my Top Ten Tips for CEBS virtual exams:

  1. No commute! No drive to a Prometric test center—You can test from home or your office.
  2. You’ll need a laptop or desktop and a stable internet connection to take your exam. 
  3. You’ll receive an email with a link to access your exam when you first register for the exam. I’d suggest logging in prior to the day you plan to take your exam to get familiar with the testing environment—Just don’t click “start” for your actual exam until the day you plan to take it.
  4. Make sure you clear off your desk. You need to have a clean workstation without your study materials accessible. Just like exams taken at Prometric, this exam is not to be taken using notes or materials.
  5. Allow enough time to take the test. This is a two-hour timed exam, and there is a countdown clock on the screen as you are testing.
  6. You are able to mark questions for review within the online exam so you can revisit them before you submit your final answers.
  7. The questions are all multiple choice, and the exam contains three different styles of multiple-choice questions.  
  8. A score of 70% correct is required to pass each exam. Your score will be reported as either pass or fail.
  9. When you click to submit your final answers, wait about five to ten seconds for your exam result to appear on the screen.
  10. Take a deep breath. You’ve prepared for the exam, and you’ll do great! I’m rooting for you 100%!

If you have more questions about the exams or are ready to sign up for your exam, reach out to our Certified Employee Benefits Specialist customer service team at cebs@ifebp.org.

Rachel Oliver, CEBS
Manager, CEBS Program Development at the International Foundation