Create Good Habits for CEBS Success—Three Tips to Study Smarter

Create Good Habits for CEBS Success—Three Tips to Study Smarter

Without a doubt, studying is a key ingredient in the recipe for CEBS success! Developing valuable new knowledge and skills takes time and effort. Try these tips to refresh your tried and true study habits for the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designation.

1. Block off a power hour for studying on your calendar three to five times a week. Putting your plan in writing makes you more likely to commit to studying.

2. Break tasks into small, manageable pieces.

  • Read two pages of your textbook every hour when you have free time. Give yourself time to reflect on what you just read.
  • Work on one page of the Study Guide every day. Define the key terms in your own words. Be sure you can answer Content Knowledge Review questions.

3. Use your smartphone to record a brief audio overview of yourself talking about the definitions and concepts that are most challenging for you to grasp in each module. Listen to the recording each time you drive or go to the gym.

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Christine Vazquez, CEBS, ISCEBSFellow
Manager, Professional Development at the International Foundation