Congratulations to The Newest CEBS® Graduates!

New CEBS Graduates

View the full list of 58 new CEBS graduates and see if you recognize any of your colleagues. Be sure to congratulate the graduates you know with a personal message or shout-out on social media using #CEBSGoals. Earning your CEBS designation is a great accomplishment, and it feels even better when it’s recognized by others.

Congrats to the newest CEBS grads!

Fisayo Abiodun Akinpelu, CEBS
Michelle Bailie, CEBS
Curtis Blanchard, CEBS
Prisha Burrut, CEBS
Diane Carvalho, CEBS
Vivek Chaudhary, CEBS
Théodore J.P. Deezar, CEBS
Emma Dewulf, CEBS
Jacqueline Dizenhouse, CEBS
Maria Eliopoulos, CEBS
Christopher Fedak, CEBS
Angela Ficken, CEBS
Nicolette Fojcik, CEBS
Patricia Fong, CEBS
James J. Fox, CEBS
Erin Greenwood, CEBS
David Griffiths, CEBS
Jennifer Hart, CEBS
Melody Helleouet, CEBS
Kara Henry, CEBS
Alicia Hesch, CEBS
Christine Huynh, CEBS
Amy Kerr, CEBS
Louise King, CEBS
Jennifer Kirby, CEBS
Lisa A. Knight, CEBS
Lily Lee, CEBS
Lani Lehtonen, CEBS
Lisa Macri, CEBS
Kyle Marryatt, CEBS
Alexander Mazzone, CEBS
Jamie Irene McGovern, CEBS
Angela McKay, CEBS
Shawna L. McLean, CEBS
Dayna McMillan, CEBS
Lana D. Miller Blackwell, CEBS
Leonardo Montecalvo, CEBS
Aisha Muneer, CEBS
Laura M. Nicholson, CEBS
Elizabeth Obianwuna, CEBS
Osasuyi Sophia Ogbeifun , CEBS
Melissa Pasquarelli, CEBS
Edgardo Paz Briceno, CEBS
Teresa C. Pham, CEBS
Ashley Porlier, CEBS
Matthew Porter, CEBS
Krishnaa Ramesh, CEBS
Jacquelyn Rose, CEBS
Allison Shaw, CEBS
Gaurav Singh, CEBS
Alison M. Smiley, CEBS
Allison Speal, CEBS
Amy Sturgeon, CEBS
Merrily Varughese, CEBS
Madeline Webb, CEBS
Paula Wolownik, CEBS
Kathleen Wong, CEBS
Viktor Zivojinovic, CEBS

Now picture yourself on this list! Continue on your journey to earning your CEBS designation.

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